How To Change The Settings Of Idea Netsetter

You have to change the settings of your idea netsetter, or any other USB internet dongle after unlocking it. It is done inorder to work it with other sim card other than the default one.

How To Change The Settings Of Idea Netsetter

1. Start your idea netsetter application.
Click on tools --> options.
click profile management --> click New
then click Static.
Then enter the APN according to the sim card that you have inserted. (You can see the APN settings of all networks from this page.)
Then click Save.
That's it, Try reconnecting to the internet....

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Anonymous said...

u said PROFILE MANAGEMENT---.> CLICK NEW but NEW is not a clicable button it is present in the form of pale

Shashi Srivastava said...

Same problem i face from idea net setter.pls give me solution.......

rajendra bagade said...

what is default setting for idea netsetter?
For me settings has been changed and it is only uploading, i am not able to browse/download?
can you please suggest the solution?

My Stly!! said...

You can get the manual internet settings for all networks at

My Stly!! said...


Anonymous said...

I am not able to browse nor able to dowload via idea net setter/ plz help me its showing 78 to 92 % strength & edge still problem

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